Why Your Competition Does Not Matter?


All the Amazon experts are telling you to not go after the high competition products.  But doesn't high competition products also means high demand?  Why couldn't you get a share of that market?

The truth is you can! But it will cost you a lot of money.  At first, you will need a high inventory because in order to get on the first page you need to do a lot of giveaways.  Kale and Taylor invested $24,000 in a product and got 9,000 units.  They went against the grains and did what everyone else told them not to do.  They went after a high competition and a high demand product and launched it on Amazon. They did keyword research and started the giveaway in order to rank their product on the first page.  Over the period of 7 days, they gave away 1,600 units in order to rank on the first page.  Now, that is a lot of units to giveaway in order to just rank your product.  Was it worth it though?

The answer is yes.  When they launched their product, they got as high as 3rd on the first page.  Their product fit and stayed on the first page for a long time and they doubled their cash flow in no time.  Now they have a product on the first page of a very competitive product, and it's generating passing income to this day.  

If you think you have found a product that it is as good or better than your competition, and if you create a listing as good or better, and you have as good or better pictures than your competition, then you can go after these products.  But if you do not have all of the above, DO NOT try this!  You will invest a lot of money and your product will fail because your listing cannot compete with the ones on the first page.

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