What Is SALESmanago And How AI Can Help Your Business?


What company in the world would not want someone, to work 24h/day, 365 days per year, and be super effective as well? 

That is basically how Artificial Intelligence was born and how SALESmanago came to be.

SALESmanago offers businesses and marketing teams high-end AI-powered tools and solutions.  SALESmanago is the #1 AI Marketing Automation tool on the market with 650 "toys" marketers can play with.

It would probably take weeks or weeks to cover all of their features but I want to focus on some that really caught my attention and I know for sure it would help any business, in any market, and that is Artificial Intelligence and Automated Marketing solutions.

Automation Rules

Automation rules allow you to create certain marketing and sales action on 3 main elements:

  1. Events - which is what you wish to react to automatically. SALESmanago offers you a full range of events, including a visit to your website, your email message is clicked on, adding a prospect to your marketing campaign, prospect's scoring reaching a predefined value. 
  2. Conditions - which allow you to specify precisely the contacts for which the system should perform actions and the ones that require no response. One of the basic conditions is that a contact's scoring has reached a predefined value or that the contact has been added to a particular marketing
  3. Actions - which is where you specify what the system should do. Available actions include initiation of communication via the best‑suited marketing channel, notification sent to the sales department or Call Center, transfer of a given contact within a company, moving the prospect between stages of the sales process or updating the contact's card. You can also set Alternative Rules, which are automatically triggered when some conditions are not fulfilled. 

SALESmanago allows you to set up any number of automation rules and create comprehensive automated marketing processes leading your prospects from the moment of acquisition to the point of purchase. 

RFM based Marketing Automation

RFM based Marketing Automation is one of the most unique features of SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform. It has been designed specifically to cover the marketing automation processes at online stores, eCommerce and B2C companies. 

The main goal is to emerge the most active customers. With this data combined with RFM analysis, you can predict your customer's behavior, as well as the impact on them in advance.

1. Recency

Analytical dashboard RFM presents information about customers recent activity in time segment, thereby dividing users who bought within a period of time that was either:

  • short

  • medium

  • long

By analyzing this data in the SALESmanago Marketing Automation system, we can compare the number of recently purchased products to the number of purchased products in the past by customers. We can also notice the difference between the revenue and the number of transactions made, and estimate the exact time in which we achieved the highest profit.

2. Frequency

The analytical dashboard shows customers in terms of their frequency of buying new products in time segments, thereby dividing them into customers who buy:

  • casually

  • regularly

  • often

The analysis of this data allows you to compare the number of transactions made by the particular contact groups and the number of customers in segments, and thus showing us the characters, preferences, and trends in various contact groups, depending on the frequency of performed transactions.

3. Monetary

The analytical dashboard presents the number of customers in terms of how much money they spend on our products in time segments, thereby distinguishing them as a:

  • saver

  • average

  • spender

This analysis enables us to determine the character of particular customer groups, compare the frequency and the number of transactions made by particular consumers' segments, so you can create even better-personalized offer based on cross-selling and up-selling strategies.

Analytical dashboard RFM allows us to correlate two variables, which show purchase preferences and trends of customers. These variables comparison results in detailed information about customers including:

  • recency and frequency

  • frequency and monetary value

  • recency and monetary value

Transactional Analytics and Automation

SALESmanago Marketing Automation software has a complete module analyzing transactional data. It enables to create advanced segments of customers, based on their purchases. The Marketing Automation system allows us to fully automatize and personalize marketing and sales communication.

Transactional analytics measures also the efficiency of automation rules and e-mail marketing. SALESmanago precisely calculates the sales value and conversion rate of a given campaign.

In SALESmanago communication automation based on transactional data can be enriched with behavioral data (the monitored activity of customers). Combining knowledge on customers' intention and actual purchase allows realizing advanced campaigns, such as:

  • Dynamic email after customer's visit on the website - can contain products complementary to ones purchased previously by a customer, viewed (during last visit or ever) but not bought and now on sale.

  • Intelligent recommendations on the website - in frames for recommended products each customer will see an offer generated especially form him, based on his profile.

  • Automatic adapting discount size to customer's profile - the system can automatically modify the amount of discount, based on the last purchase made but the customer or his shopping activity in general.

  • RTB campaigns - an act of purchase can automatically deactivate a given campaign for a customer and activate another one, with personalized content (e.g. with accessories/ educational materials to previously purchased item).

  • Customer Lifecycle Campaigns - based on purchased made and interests of a customer system can automatically change the offer, so it suits the evolving needs of the customer (e.g. with time passing customer will be offered products matching his child's growing up).

Anonymous Marketing Automation

SALESmanago Marketing Automation platform, thanks to its innovative solutions, allows you to automate, segment and personalize communication with anonymous persons whose contact details are not available for you. Anonymous users can receive personalized content via emails, WWW and RTB pages. With SALESmanago you can reach a much larger group of users with your tailored content that they are likely to find of interest.

Some of the available features are:

  • e-Mail Marketing to external databases - SALESmanago Marketing Automation tools enable you to send content adjusted to best match the reactions of your potential prospects who have received your mailing exported to external databases. You can instruct the operator of the mailing campaign as to which anonymous users should be sent a particular email matching their behavior.

  • Website - using the module for real-time behavioral tracking and archiving collected data you can automatically tailor the content of virtually any element of a web page to the current visit of an anonymous visitor or to any previously archived visits. This is how the contact forms, product frames or any other elements of the website will display content matching behavioral profiles of the anonymous visitors you wish to address.

  • Advertising networks (RTB) - SALESmanago allows you to automatically switch on and off advertising content in an RTB network by sending personalized messages tailored to the current behavior of visitors to a given website. In this way, you can publish ads that will behaviourally match the interests of particular visitors. You will also be able to reach those users who have visited your website only once in order to try to encourage them to revisit and later convert them in a much more effective way.

  • Web push notifications - this is an interesting way of giving information on products and services to website visitors. Thanks to the Web Push feature available in SALESmanago you can send messages to anonymous contacts who agreed to receive notifications but left no contact information. It is the perfect solution - by using various marketing actions - you can get anonymous contacts to leave their contact data on the website or a specially-designed landing page.

SALESmango is a very powerful tool for any kind of business.  If you are in the e-commerce business, then this IS a must!  All you have to do is put in some work at the beginning and then let the program make money for you. Some businesses had, and still have, a huge boost in email marketing efficiency, lead generation, higher CTR for automated emails, and much more