Simple Guide for Affiliate Marketing


You must have heard that affiliate marketing is a great way to create a passive income, but you don't know where to start. Do not worry; here is a small guide for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So, what actually is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by advertising another person's product.  And if sales happen through your referall then the advertiser would earn a commission. 

There are mainly three parties involved in this process; one known as the seller of the product the second is the advertiser, and the third is the buyer.

You can find affiliate programs for specific brands or you can join affiliate marketing platforms where you can find a ton of products to market.  Chose products from your niche and that you write about and the people consider you an expert in. You cannot have a blog about electronics but then tell people to buy this insurance because it has high commission for you.

Simple Guide of Affiliate Marketing 

You can become a successful affiliate marketer by following these simple five steps. 

1. Post Reviews Of Things

The very first step to becoming an affiliate marketer is that you start posting a review of things on any social media platform. Here, you can use YouTube videos, Podcasts, Blogs or even live streaming on Instagram or Facebook. My suggestion is, whatever way you choose, stick to one method. It is really important to increase a loyal customer base.

Try to review those products that you actually use because engaged marketing attracts more customers rather than just promoting things that you don't use.  

2. Build Your E-Mail List

The next step is to entice customers to enter their e-mails or subscribe to you. It is a perfect way to connect with your audience whenever you want rather than waiting for them to visit your site and read your content.

You can collect e-mails by providing something in return to your users or subscribers. 

3. Create Live Videos Or Webinars

Live streaming of anything is really great.

People love to watch videos as it is quite evident with YouTube viewership. You can announce your online streaming on your social media platform so that people know when you are coming online. In the streaming, you can answer their queries face to face. You can also mention the qualities and features of the product.

Tell the viewers, your personal history with the product so they can relate more. 

4. Go For PPC 

When you realize that you have started earning enough from your affiliate marketing then you can start running a pay per click advertising campaign through AdSense.

Running a campaign is really easy and you can start doing that by making an account on AdSense and put your budget as a whole and per click. But we would really suggest you do it when you really think that you can earn back the spent amount. 

You should definitely study well how to run PPC ads before using it.  This way you can lose hundreds or thousands of dollars without return.  Also, the copywriting technique of your ads might be the most important in creating ads.

5. Use Keywords 

You can run a successful keyword search for your blog, YouTube and Facebook sites. This will help you to get more traffic to your site and make more transactions as well. 

Organic traffic is the least expensive method and something I use for my blog.  I have thousands of visitors every month and none of them are paid.  And I still manage to make money with this. 

Affiliate marketing is very easy to start.  You have probably done it already but never thought about it.  You referred to a friend or a family to buy something, and they did.  Why not get paid some commission if you do so?

Find yourself a niche, start blogging about it, and use affiliate links in order to make people buy through you.  Remember to not overuse the affiliate links per page/blog post.  Use one, MAX two links per page.  Use your copywriting skills to convince them to buy this product.  Some companies can provide you with the tools to promote their products.  you just have to plug in and play!