How To Start a Small-Scale Business Online


With the internet, anybody can start his/her business online even with little experience. The success of a small-scale business mostly depends on your consistent effort and your passion for your business. Today, we are going to share a proven plan that ensures success. Most of the businesses, more or less, follow these steps for their startup and grow their brand successfully. To start a small-scale business effectively, you need to follow these steps:

1. Do your market research
2. Write a convincing sale copy
3. Build your website
4. Use search engine optimization for the site
5. Provide information
6. Use email-marketing wisely

Let's get into more detail about each of these steps:  

1. Do Your Market Research 

Most of the beginners start their online business by searching for the products that they can sell online. That's where they do the very first mistake. While searching, the products you will find are already sold in great numbers.

You could still enter a saturated market!  However, you will need to have a great product, that stands above them all, and a pretty big budget as well in order to compete with the top dogs in that category.

The basic tactic is to find a problem and you need to offer a solution to it.  That can be by either create a brand new product or try to create a better one then there is on the market.  The most successful way is for you to think about a brand new product and be the only player in that field.  You need to search for a market that you can serve best and then you can expand your brand around that market.

You can find such surveys online on any search engine. Do your keyword research that shows total number of searches per day and its competition in the market. Your main aim is to find the one keyword whose search rate is high but competition is really low. 

2. Write A Convincing Sale Copy

The next step is to write a convincing sale copy that explains the whole process of sale starting from their desire to buy to the end moment when they make the decision to buy your product. 

You can have the best product in the world, if you do not know how to sell it, you will never earn money.  One good email copy or one good ad copy can make the difference of 2 sales and 1000 sales.  Copywriting is crucial in today's business.  With so much competition for the attention, you need to make sure that you get people's attention, retain it, appeal to their emotions, and make them buy.  It is all done through copywriting. 


I will soon release a course about copywriting which will take you from a beginner to an expert in no time!  Sign up and I will let you know when it goes live

3. Build Your Website

After you have decided your market and have made a perfect sale copy, you need to build an e-commerce website to show your products to whole of the world.  There are many platforms you can start with.  I actually reviewed some of them for you here.

4. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use SEO techniques to optimize your site so that search engine refers customers to your site. You can also use a PPC campaign to attract traffic on your site. PPC campaigns mostly depend on keywords and you can play with them until you find the one best work for you. Then, you can use that keyword on your website for more organic traffic. 

The best way is to do content marketing and bring organic traffic to your website.  That is actually what I started doing with this website and I manage to make over $2k in just a few weeks all from organic traffic.  

5. Provide Information

People love information that is professional, precise, on the point and consistent. So, upload professional information on regular basis. You can use any medium for that like create articles, blogs, videos or audios and add a link to your products. This way, you would be able to get more traffic and loyal customer base. 

6. Use Email-Marketing wisely

Email marketing is the cheapest compared to other mediums. Try to get as many e-mails or subscribers so that you can send them whatever you want and convince them to buy your project.  Good copywriting is key!

It has never been easier to start an online business that TODAY! You are not late to the game.  You just have to take that first step and get to work!  You don't like to work but have a great idea?  Outsource everything on Fiverr/Upwork.  There is only an option.  You just have to try!  Don't be afraid to fail!  Failure is part of the game, and it teaches you lessons.  What are you waiting for? JUST DO IT!