How to Make Money Through Online Coaching


If you want to make money online and have a difficult time knowing how to do it, then here is the solution! It is online coaching. Coaching is the way to transfer knowledge. During coaching, you give guidelines to the student to help him/her achieve their goal.

Nature has blessed us with certain skill that one can use to help others. Your expertise can be your hobby. The knowledge can make you a huge amount of money if you keep yourself dedicated and committed. Through online coaching, you can pursue your dream job.

Here is how you can get started, tips and advantages of online coaching.

1. What To Coach

What are you most passionate about? What is it that you know very well? For me, it is making money online. I know how to do it, I am very passionate about it, and I want to teach others how to do it.

You can coach people about cooking, effective studying, sports, their future, career building, investing, life planning, self-confidence, dieting, procrastinating, fashion, teaching, exercising, etc. It is clearly up to you to find out what to coach according to your knowledge. 

2. How To Coach

You can do chat based-coaching, phone call coaching, or build an online course and start earning a passive income from it. Every niche is different and the way you deliver your messages/lessons are different as well. You need to choose the best delivery method that fits you, and the topic you are teaching.

3. Where to coach?

There are lots of sites that will hire you as a coach/ buy your online training course/ you can upload your coaching videos, etc. Here are some sites which you can use for that purpose:

All these aforementioned sites work differently and the earnings from these sites also vary. You can work on different sites at the same time to make more clients and build your audience. Some sites can be used for the purpose of promotion. The quick way of earning in this regard is selling your training book/ebook online. Sites like Udemy and AmazonKindle buy courses through which you can earn a huge amount of money 


The earnings range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month. As you become more popular your earnings will start getting higher too over the period of time. An average earning is $60,000 over a year.

Before launching your online coaching business first you need to know that is someone looking for the service you are providing. Moreover, knowing about your competitors and ways to be unique are also very important. The advantage of coaching is you can use it as a side business. Their greatest pro is you can work at home with no strict working hours as you are your own boss.

Tips that every coach should know to be successful is to be a good listener and encourage inquiries. Understanding the needs of your client by mapping out a coaching program and offering packages would be great in this regard. Coach to transform not to inform!