7 Steps on How to Make Money on Amazon FBA (Beginners)


Starting a business it is not easy at all. Or is it? In order to start a company you need a lot of money to begin with, a website, get traffic on your website, email leads, products, marketing, and on and on and on. Starting a company from scratch can be a huge hassle. But, with Amazon FBA it is simpler than ever! Here are 7 steps on how to making money on Amazon starting TOMORROW for beginners!

Step 1: Find a Product

The first step in order to start your Amazon FBA empire is to find a product that you can sell. It can be something that you use every day or something that you know a lot about. Or it can be a product that you think you can make it better and then sell it.  Literally, someone is making $1,300 per month selling these silicon steamers. Literally any product you can find, and you can make it look better and be better than the competition on Amazon, you can make money with it. If you still have no ideas, just look around your living room or your kitchen and for sure you will find a product to sell

Step 2: Source the product

If you have an idea, or you found a product that you want to sell, the next step would be to find a supplier and manufacture your product.  The best way to do it would be to source it out of China.  The perfect website for this is Alibaba.com.  You can go on there and look for a manufacturer that makes your product or you can create a quote, saying exactly what you want, add a picture, and they will find you! You want to make money, but they want to make money off you as well.  Ask them how much it cost to make 100 units of your product and ship them to the US. When you narrowed it down, order some samples and test the products.

Step 3: Brand the Product

When you found a supplier, not it is time to create your private label by branding your product.  The way you can brand your product is by creating a box design, put a logo on the box (maybe on the product as well).  If you have the skill to do it yourself, do it! If not, outsource everything! That's what I did with everything that involves Photoshop or anything related to design.  Try to make it good! Look at your competitors and make it better than theirs! Impress the buyer, because the first thing they are going to see is the box. And the first impression is the most important, right?

Step 4: The Waiting Game

Waiting sucks, but it will be worth it! When you order your product, it takes time to make. Maybe it is a brand new product, or if it already exists, you are branding it, and it takes some time to manufacture. In addition to that, they also have to ship it to the Amazon warehouse or ship them to you for inspection, which takes time.  So be patient and enjoy your life while you wait for your product.

Step 5: Inspection

When you first order the product, when that first shipment comes in, it is important to inspect it to see if everything is alright.  There are a couple of ways to do this. One way is to ship them to your house, inspect them, print the labels, stick them on the boxes and ship them Amazon. Yes, the process costs extra, but it would be a nightmare if you ship them straight to Amazon, with no inspection, you get some sales, and you start getting bad reviews because your products are bad.  You can avoid all of that by doing the inspection yourself.  Another way is to hire a forwarder company that does everything for you. They inspect the product, they make sure everything is alright, they even send you pictures to confirm, they print the labels and also ship it to Amazon directly.  Another method is one that I used for one of my products.  For example, I manufactured 503 units and I told them that when 3 units of my products are ready, I want them shipped to me immediately.  This way I could check if everything is right before they are even manufactured.  If something was wrong, I would tell them to make the changes way before they are even made.  If all is good, then give them the signal. And while you wait for the product to finish and ship it, get it going with the product pictures! This way it saves both time and money for you and for the manufacturer.  

Step 6: Create and Optimize Your Listing

This is another crucial step in your success with Amazon FBA.  You need to create a listing for people to see and read about your product.  Your listing needs to be as good or better than your competitors in order to compete with them.  It is easier said than done, but you need to put a lot of work into this.  You need to do keyword research, take amazing product photos with lifestyle pictures (outsource it), create the title, bullets, description, find out for which keywords are the best and when the product arrives at the warehouse, your product will become live.

Step 7: Sell Your Product

So you found a product, you sourced it from China, it arrived at the warehouse, you got your listing up, and now you are ready to make your first sale. The journey has started with your idea, and now the fight to the top of the rankings begins.  

So there you have it. This is what Amazon FBA is about.  You find a product that you think it will make you money, you source it from Alibaba in China, you create your own private label and brand your product. You wait for it to finish and ship it to you, or Amazon. In the meantime, you create and optimize your listing, and finally, you make other peoples lives better because you created a better product, while you make thousands of dollars per month.

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