6 Proven Steps on How to Launch Your Product (Based on Budget)


Launching a product on Amazon can be a real challenge.  Most people are really scared to do it because it does cost a lot, and if you don't do it right you just wasted a big chunk of your money.  Now we are going to show you 6 steps on how to launch a product on Amazon FBA.  For a successful launch, it is really important that you follow and complete all these steps.  Let's get started!

Step #1: Make Your Listing Awesome

In the past, in order to sell on Amazon it was enough to post quick picture taken with your phone and a title.  But nowadays, you need to put a lot more effort and thought into creating your listing.

One of the most important keys to have an awesome listing is to have awesome photos.  A picture is the first thing the buyer is going to see when it looks at products on Amazon.  If your picture sucks, nobody will buy it.  Make sure you take product pictures with white background but also lifestyle pictures which shows a story and how to people use your product.

Another key to an awesome listing is the title.  Make sure you create a title that has all the necessary keywords in it but also offers enough information to make the buyer click on your product.  Later in the post we will discuss how to select those keywords based on budget.  Same exact thing must happen with the bullet points.  In the description try to tell a story about your product while offering as much information as possible.

Step #2: Get Initial Reviews

While buyers search through products they look at pictures, title, then reviews.  Almost nobody is going to buy from you if you have 0 reviews and all the other ones have 30, 80, or hundreds of reviews.  You need social proof which shows that people have bought from you and they trusted your brand.  The recommended number is 10 reviews.  Everyone is scared of the Amazon's ToS but the only way it can affect you is by taking down the reviews.  I have not heard yet of accounts being suspended or anything of that matter.

Step# 3: Turn on PPC

In another post we discussed how to create a low bid campaign which you can run as soon as your listing is done and active.  The low bid PPC campaign it would take some time to develop and now it would be the perfect time to start it to generate those first sales.

Step #4: Identify Your Giveaway Keywords

Now it is time to find the keywords that you are going to launch for.  Most people when they do keyword research they use Merchantwords which is an amazing tool for keyword research.  Which shows you the search volume for every keyword that tells you how competitive is that keyword.  But one thing that you still do not know is how many giveaways you need to make in order to launch for a specific keyword.  That's where Seller.Tools comes in and saves the day (use coupon code AOSELLER.TOOLS for 5% discount).  Seller.Tools already find keyword and shows you the search volume for each keyword.  In addition to that, it also shows you how many giveaways to do over a 8 day period to rank on the first page for that specific keyword.  This powerful software really made it easy for us to know how many giveaways to do for our launch.

Step #5: Pick Keywords Based on Budget

If you have low budget  then run PPC like crazy!  Use the low ACoS campaign and other manual campaigns.  Make sure you optimize your campaigns regularly and try to get to the first page using this tactic.  If you have a medium budget try to pick 1 to 3 long tail keywords and launch for those keywords.  If you have a high budget ($1000) then pick 7 to 10 long tail keywords and launch for them.  There is no reason to go for broad keywords because the competition is way too high and it cost too much to do it.  However, if money is not a concern, then go for it. If not, go for long tail keywords where you will still make a lot of sales and launch for them.  And guess what,  if you successfully launched your product and you are a big dog in that niche, you could attack those broad keywords and generate more sales because you already have a sick listing with lots and lots of reviews.

Step #6: Make Sure Your Listing Belongs

What does this mean?  You have to make sure your picture, your titles, and your reviews can compete with those on the first page for the specific keywords you are trying to launch for.  The beauty about Amazon is that it already shows you what works and you can emulate even before you ship your product to Amazon.  A great analogy by Kale was to try to think that you are in a line at the premiere of the movie Lion King and everyone is dressed in suits and look awesome.  And then you show up and you wear a hoodie and some sweatpants.  You are going to stick out so much in the baddest way possible and everyone can see it.  Same with Amazon.  If you do not belong to that first page, you will not stick and eventually fall down to the 2nd page or worst.  Before you do your launch, try to visualize your product on the first page, compare it with the competition, and make it fit in so it can stick on the first page.  

After you have followed all these steps you will be ready to launch your product.  The ultimate goal of a giveaway launch is to rank your product on the first page for 1, 3, or 10 keywords fast in order for your product to sell fast.  If you succeed to make your listing stick on the first page, voil√†, you just launched your online business which will generate you passive income.  All you have to do is replenish your inventory and the money will come.

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