How To Get Ranked On Amazon FBA | 2019


If you want to be successful on Amazon, then getting ranked is a thing you need to learn. If you're having challenges making sales or getting ranked on Amazon, maybe because you can't afford to spend as much as the top guns do, then you don't need to worry because this article would teach you how to get ranked on Amazon with your little budget easily.

Everyone is saying that Amazon is just like a store where people come to buy things and leave, so those products at the top and visible places are only those that make sales and kill it. That's not a complete truth; Amazon is not like a store, it is far bigger than a store. Your Amazon FBA account is the store.

Let's use the supermarket for example, where you have several aisles for products, in each aisle some products are at the top. Some aisle has much traffic, just like the ice cream sections, unlike other aisles, however, people still come to every aisle to buy stuff. Now for a product to sell better, you'll have to place it at the top of every aisle, that way you'll generate many sales for the products. So whichever aisle a buyer comes to, he would see your product there at the top. This is just an illustration used to explain how you can rank better on Amazon FBA. The keywords are the aisle, so to sell big, you need to rank on every aisle, not just the ice cream section (LOL, I mean the highest keyword), but for every keyword. Get that? Let's move on.

There are several steps to rank a particular keyword, and the bids are also different. The more competitive the bid, the higher your giveaways and the higher you spend. While starting, you're not advised to start ranking for the more competitive keywords, instead, rank for the lesser competitive bids with lower giveaways. Of course, you'll make more sales on the higher keywords, but it won't be as expected because you're paying more to get those sales, and sales don't come from those keywords alone. Why not start from the lesser ones, then you grow gradually then rise to the top, with that, no one can outrank you.

Let's use to analyze this (you can get a 15% discount if you use this coupon = BEST OF LAST LAUNCH). You research a product, and you get a list of keywords plus your giveaways and the returns. So starting with higher keywords means you need to be rich to give bigger giveaways. People think if you spend more you will make massive sales; YES, but you might get below your expectations (I've been in this game for long). If you don't have much revenue, why not use those lesser competitive keywords with lesser and affordable giveaways which would still give you lots of views, then you can gradually step into the more competitive keywords.

You're not going to make sales only from one keyword, even the top sellers make huge revenue from lesser keywords, so you should capitalize on them while you grow your market. This ranking strategy is a gold mine, and I hope you would use it to grow your sales. Hoping to hear your testimonies soon, or what do you think?