How to Get Amazon Reviews Without Getting Banned in 2019


It's no doubt that people say that Amazon usually bans or shutdown account with fake reviews, that is to say, sellers that ask their friends to get their products free, in exchange of a 5-star review. This is written in their terms of services, but can new sellers survive without having one or two reviews? Read below to find out, and also discover how to get Amazon reviews without getting banned.

Just before we proceed, position yourself as a buyer wanting to buy a product, let's take a fitness tracker wristwatch or a simple alarm clock for example, and you type the keyword on the search bar. Amazon would give you many lists of sellers that are selling these products.

Ok let's continue, if you're a buyer and you want to buy from these 4 sellers, regardless of the price, and assuming they all have the same functionalities, who would you buy from?

What would come to your mind are:

  • Which brand is best rated?
  • What are the customers saying about them?
  • Are they trusted?
  • How fast is their delivery?
  • Are their products as described?
  • Do they have good customer support services?

I don't know if you think differently from me, but I know I wouldn't even click on the 'Seller 4' product; he has a 3 star, and that's not good enough.

Also, look at the other picture below:

"Seller 5 has no review at all. Damn, He's a new seller and not to be trusted. I won't risk my money trying his product, maybe he's a scam after all, or I rather go for those with reviews" - These might be what would be creeping into your mind.

No, you're not to blame, it's your hard-earned money! But the seller is not to be blamed as well, if you don't try him, you can't know if his product is good or not.

Heck! The playing ground is not fair, but that's why you've got to make them. I need to be honest with you; if you don't have quality reviews, you would be out of business sooner than you expect!

We all have reasons for getting a review, maybe as a new seller trying to buy some trust, or some angry buyers (of which some might be your competitors) gives you a bad rating, and you need a couple of reviews to push them down, as well as improving your ratings. So seeing the benefits of having reviews, how can you start out as a new seller on Amazon FBA?

The answer is Getting Amazon reviews!

But you can't cheat Amazon; they'll definitely detect if you get fake reviews?

Not if you use these tips I'm about to reveal to you!

8 Great Trick to Get Amazon Reviews Without Getting Banned

1. Get Reviews From Friends of Friends and Friends of Family

Remember, Amazon policy says "Don't get reviews from your family and friends," and not "Don't get reviews from the friends your family," or "Don't get reviews from the friends of your friends." Sounds trickish right? Anyway, I'll tell you the magic. You're not close to the friends of your friends and the friends of your family, besides you guys don't connect socially. So I'll teach you 4 hacks on how to use this method.

a) Church - Sounds crazy right? But a church is a cool place to meet people who can give you 5-star reviews. Let me give you a clear example: Mike is your church member, maybe you guys are choir members or say "Hi" once in a while. You walk up to Mike and start a conversation;

"Hey, Mike how're you doing, how would you feel trying out this fitness tracker for free, you know I sell them on Amazon?"

"Wow, so you sell that on Amazon."

"Yeah man, take this $25 and buy one from my store. I want you to try it out."

"Oh thanks, man, I'll do that, you're generous."

And that's it. He would definitely give you a 5-star even without telling him. If he don't when you meet him next Sunday, you can ask him if he liked the product, and also ask him to give you a 5 star to support your business. This strategy works all the time, and Amazon would never catch you.

b) Your Old Contacts - Yes, your long-reached contact is not useless. You can reach out to them and ask them you'll send them cash to buy your product and keep it for free. All they have to do is to give you a 5-star review. These are the friend you've not gotten in touch with for a long time, and probably you don't have them on social media, if they are your friends, you first unfriend them for some time. How would Amazon ever detect this? Never! So scroll your old contact and get in touch right now.

c) Ask your family and friends to call their friends to buy your product. "Hey mum, please could you call Jane to buy my product, I'll give you $25 to give to her, and she can keep the product for free if she gives me a 5-star review? As simple as it is, it would give you your 5-star review without hurting your account.

d) Make new friends - Want some Amazon reviews? Then it's high time you make new friends! Be it on the internet or offline, just make new friends, besides it's healthy. When you make new friends, and they've known you, you can ask them to buy your product and give you a 5-star review, and you'll send their cash to them. Trust me, most of them would do it for you. Who doesn't love free things? The only condition is that you don't add them as friends on social media for at least 10 days after they've purchased your product.

2. Use Upwork

Yes, I know that Upwork prohibits buying and selling of Amazon reviews, but here's the hack, search for "Amazon SEO," boom, you'll get lots of sellers. What you have to do is to tell them to contact you on Skype. When they contact you, a review is already part of the SEO stuff, but they would not list it in their gig, so ask them to give you reviews. You can ask for 3 reviews for a trial. Another great hack right? Okay, we'll be moving to the third.

3. Use Facebook Groups

When I say "Facebook group," I don't mean searching and joining "Amazon Review Groups." Instead, you join groups related to your niche. Let's continue with our fitness tracker, you search and join weight loss, health, and fitness group.

When you join the group, don't start contacting your group members, or start posting your products; NO, it's spamming. Instead, give value to the group for a full week. With this, you already establish authority in the niche, and this gives them the reason to trust you. You can then contact them and ask them to buy your product, or give them for free and ask for a 5-star review.

4. Mannychat Bot Review

Chatbot marketing is the latest marketing strategy that is being deployed by several internet marketers, and you can use that to your advantage. When you have a list of those interested in your product or those that bought your product, and you get them to subscribe to your chatbot, you can get free reviews from them always.

See a practical approach: Someone buys your product, and you retarget them on your Facebook ads, and they click on it, they get a chatbot message like this:

"Hello, do you want another Fitness Trainer for Free"?

Yes No

And they click on "Yes" because everyone likes free stuff.

Then the robot replies:

"Ok, send me a picture of your 5-star review to get another one."

This is free stuff, and everyone would quickly give the review to get free stuff. All you have to do is to create a fulfillment order and send to them, of which they would give you another 5-star review.

5. A 'Thank You' Sticker

While delivering your product, it should contain a sticker on it that quotes: "Do you want another one for free?" Then add a call to action, either a QR Code they would scan to visit a website, or just drop the website link and ask them to visit it. When they visit the website, you'll use the Manny Chat Bot Review method, and then create a fulfillment order for them. 

6. Improve Your Follow-Up Email Sequence

No doubt, with copywriting, you can sell stuff, and everyone would buy. Why not learn to copywrite, or hire a professional to write one for you. According to stats, Only 20% of you leads do actually open your email, and just 2% does buy. If you learn to copywrite, you can learn and improve on how to create copy that sells, as well as creating clickbait subject lines.

7. Facebook Ads

So the top guns with greater reviews are dominating the sales, why not run Facebook ads? Run Facebook ads and create a video that leaves a long-lasting impression. Give them reasons why they should only buy your product. Let me give you an example: Instead of telling them you to just buy your candle, why not create a story around it? You can say that the candle is the first ever candle that was produced from the purest wax that was collected from a tree of 400 years that has been a praying spot for the nuns. You see, your story talks to their emotion, and convince them to buy from you. All you have to do is direct them to a website or landing page, and ask them to submit their email for a small percentage of a coupon (everyone loves discount). Now they trust you; you can send them emails to give you a 5-star review or retarget them again to buy from you.

8. Break the Rules!

What, you mean I should break the rules? No, I don't actually mean that, but what I'm trying to say is "Don't follow the TOS to the latter." Here's a question for you: Which would be more appealing, and convincing for you to buy, a phone case picture, or a phone case with a picture of a phone in it? You already know the answer, however Amazon rule says you shouldn't add anything that is not part of your product, yet people post them and don't get banned. Do you know why? Some rules are neglected, so take advantage of it.

This is a long but well-detailed article on how to get Amazon reviews without harming your account. Note that these methods have been used and verified by several people, and their accounts are still flourishing to date. I must confess that they're doing well in business. So take advantage of it to skyrocket your sales.

Tell me your experiences; I want your questions about what you think and how helpful this article has been, I'm available to answer all your questions, and help you as well.

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