How Much Money Do You Need To Start Amazon FBA?


Planning to start Amazon FBA business? Or are you wondering how much you need to kick-start your Amazon FBA business?

Starting a business can be crazy, there's always a risk. However, the highest risk is not planning your budget. If you don't plan your budget, you might run out of cash, and this might cripple your progress. So this article would present to you several budgets you can use to kick-start your Amazon FBA business. Read further to know the gist?

4 budget categories to kick-start your Amazon FBA business

1. Basic

This is an estimated budget for the basic users, using our product price to be $2, which includes shipping fee per product.

Jungle Scout (Chrome extension) - $97

This product helps you scout top trending Amazon products that you can sell. It helps you identify products that have huge potentials and are not yet saturated in the market. It also tells how much revenue people generates for each product and its average cost.

Amazon Pro Seller Account - $40

To get an Amazon pro seller account, it would cost you $40. Amazon pro seller account is important if you really want to generate much money and also be regarded as an authority on Amazon.

Products (for 300 units) - $600

Cost for buying and shipping 300 units of your product if it cost $2 per unit.

Box Design - $50

The cost of getting a box design for your product and label.

Logo Design - $35

You can hire graphic designers on Fiverr or Upwork to design a good Logo for you for $35. You actually need a Logo to put on the box.

10 Amazon Reviews - $200

I understand it's against Amazon terms to get reviews, but I already taught you how you could get Amazon reviews without getting banned. So Let's budget 10 reviews for the basic package, at the cost of $20 per review.

Product Photography - (Silver Package) - HBB - $199

This is for putting photographs of your products. You need cool photographs to actually stand out. This is not obligatory, you can actually take your photographs yourself, but should in case you need professionals to do so for you, studio pictures on Honey Badger Boost is $199 for the silver package. The silver package gives you collections of only studio pictures.

Shipping to Amazon - $25

Shipping to Amazon is very affordable. It would cost you only $25 to ship you 300 units to Amazon after you might have gotten them from your supplier and inspect them.

Total $1,246.

Therefore it would cost you only $1,246 to start up your Amazon FBA business if you choose the basic budget.

2. Starter

Jungle Scout (Chrome Extension) - $97

Amazon Pro Seller Account - $40

Product (For 500 units) @ $2 - $1000

Box Design - $50

Logo Design - $35

25 Reviews - $500

Product Photography - HBB - (Gold Package) - $599

Shipping to Amazon - $40

Total = $2,361

3. Pro Package

Jungle Scout (Chrome Extension) - $97

Amazon Pro Seller Account - $40

Product (For 750 units) @ $2 - $1500

Box Design - $50

Logo Design - $35

50 Reviews - $1000

Product Photography + Listing help - HBB - (Master Package) - $749

Shipping to Amazon - $75

Sellics - $100/month

VL Launch - Free in exchange for free products

Total = $4,196

4. Domination Package

Jungle Scout (Chrome Extension) - $97

Amazon Pro Seller Account - $40

Product (For 1000 units) @ $2 - $2000

Box Design - $50

Logo Design - $35

100 Reviews - $2000

Product Photography - HBB - (Domination Package) - $1199

Shipping to Amazon - $100

Sellics - $100/month

VL Launch - $450

Teikametrics - $100/month

Total = $6,271

That's an estimated list of Amazon FBA budgets you can choose from. None of them is obligatory; you can choose whichever tool you feel necessary and leave the rest. I'm just suggesting them to help you grow a better Amazon FBA business.

Some Questions Answered

More on Product Photography Packages

Product photography has several packages; I would help you break down these packages so you can understand them better.

Silver Package - $299 - Provides studio pictures for your Amazon listing. You'll not have to worry about getting quality pictures anymore.

Gold Package - $799 - Provides Studio pictures and Lifestyle pictures. Lifestyle pictures are pictures that can shows when the product is being used. It would show a picture of someone using your product and how it fits them. It helps boost conversion and is highly recommended. Any package user can use it.

Master Package - $949 - Provides Studio pictures, Lifestyle picture and listing help for your Amazon listing. Optimize your listing from one of the team members to generate massive sales.

Domination Package - $1499 - Provides 15-30 photos of studio and lifestyle pictures, perfect listing (Professionals would craft your bullets, titles, descriptions, back-end search terms) top ranking keywords that would be well indexed, one-on-one PPC consultation. Everything would be set up for you, including you PPC campaigns and they would be well optimized. You'll also be taught how to do it manually and how to use the software. With this package, all you have to do is to get your product, and all other things would be done for you. Isn't that amazing?

What is Sellics?

Sellics is an accounting software you can use to track your revenue profit. All you have to do is to put the cost of your product. So it's a tool that keeps you backed out every day and help you track if you're suffering loss or making a profit.

What is VL Launch?

Viral Launch is a service that helps you do giveaways in order to rank faster on the first page. After you finished all the steps, use Viral Launch to boost your ranking and get to the top page fast. It costs about $450 and you'll have to give away some of your products for free, which would be used to help you get ranked on the first page.

Get 30% of the first month or 10% of the first year by using this coupon code: BestOfViralLaunch

What is Teikametrics?

Teikametrics is a very important tool that helps you automate and optimize your PPC campaign. It helps watch over you keywords; lowers your bids if keywords are underperforming and raise your bids if your keywords are performing better. It also puts away negative keywords if they're not doing great.

With all these costs, would I make Profit?

Yes! Whichever package you choose, you'll still make enough profit from your initial products, so you don't need to worry about it.

Why Do I need to buy more reviews on higher packages?

You have more products so that you can do some testing. Getting more reviews would help rank you better than fewer reviews. If you're a buyer, and you see a seller with 10 reviews and the other with 50 reviews, who would you buy from? I think you already know the answer.

Why do I need to buy more product on bigger budgets?

If you buy more products, you won't run out of products quickly. If you choose the higher budgets, it's assumed that you'll get more sales, so you need more products to cover for them. Because if you have orders and you don't have products to fulfill them, then it would affect your ranking. Besides, you'll have the opportunity to do more testing.

Putting these packages in on a table:

So whichever you want to choose, budget within this range, and you're sure to hit success. Although some of the cost seems much, but you're definitely going to make profits from them. I've used them and I must confess they're worth it.

I would love to hear from you, which of the packages do you think suits you?