Boost Nine: The Best Amazon FBA Product Research Tool


Meet Boost Nine, a powerful Amazon FBA product research tool that helps sellers find niches and items to sell - we're talking high demand and low competition products at a few clicks of a button.

Check out what's under the hood and how Boost Nine builds bigger profits:

by KTnine

Boost Nine Key Features

7/7 Score

The Ultimate Measure of Demand/Competition 

✔️ 7 out of top 10 products make MORE than $5k in Revenue PER MONTH

✔️ 7 out of top 10 products to have less than 75 reviews

✔️ Here's what it means: if you RANK your product into the top 10 for a 7/7™ keyword, you can expect similar returns ($5,000+ PER MONTH) as your competition!

Instant Auto-fill Analysis

Find products based on what people are SEARCHING FOR on Amazon in REAL TIME 

✔️ Automatically find the BEST PRODUCTS in REAL TIME based on search volume with ZERO EFFORT.

✔️ Only Boost Nine Allows you to Simultaneously Analyze EVERY AUTOFILL MARKET at Once; Autofill results are updated EVERY SECOND.

✔️ REMOVES UNCERTAINTY about whether or not people are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for your potential product.

✔️ Data that normally took hours of manual work now takes SECONDS

Supercharged ROI Calculations 

Your Crystal Ball for Amazon FBA Profits

✔️ Instantly PREDICT (based on ACTUAL SALES) how much profit you will make.

✔️ NEGOTIATE WITH EASE based on a 200% ROI Minimum (8 figure seller trick).

✔️ FIND SUPPLIERS INSTANTLY - Your Product is now a button click away, and you ALREADY KNOW what price you are getting.

✔️ ALL AMAZON FEES are accounted for instantly, so there's no stressing over ROI

 ✔️ PERSONALIZED BUDGET CALCULATOR - never worry about buying too much or too little inventory again.

Gorgeous, Intuitive Design 

So much WOW!!

✔️ Luxury-car look and feel from TOP TO BOTTOM.

✔️ Faster than the competition while crunching 100x more data

✔️ Designed with a business owner in mind. 

✔️ All of the DATA you NEED displayed in a way that you can UNDERSTAND IT and MAKE DECISIONS QUICKLY and EASILY.  

You get:

✔️ Lifetime Access to the Boost Nine Product Research Chrome Extension ($1,999 Value)

✔️ 7/7 Score™ instant calculator - The Ultimate Measure of Demand/Competition ($999 Value)

✔️Instant Autofill Analysis - Pull Products Directly from What People are Searching for on Amazon ($999 Value)

✔️ Supercharged ROI Calculations - Know your profits BEFORE you invest ($999 Value)

✔️Unique, Supercar like Design and Feel ($999 Value)

✔️Ultimate Bragging Rights - find the MOST profitable products - GUARANTEED (PRICELESS)

Total Value = $5,995

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